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The manufacturer rolly toys grants consumers a manufacturer's guarantee in addition to and in addition to the seller's liability for defects under the following conditions and to the extent described below. As the manufacturer, rolly toys guarantees the correct functionality for a limited period of time if the item is used properly.

Material, construction or processing defects will be remedied free of charge by the spare parts service within the warranty period. This will be done either by repairing or, should rolly toys deem it necessary, by replacing the product. The guarantee period begins on the day of purchase by the consumer and lasts 3 years.

A claim under the rolly toys 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty can be made upon presentation of the original sales receipt clearly showing the name of the product purchased, date and place of purchase, either by posting it or by e-mail or fax. rolly toys expressly reserves the right to demand that the defective product be sent in at the sender's own expense.

The following cases are excluded from the limited rolly toys -3-year manufacturer's guarantee: normal wear and tear (e.g. with tires, wheels, stickers), improper assembly, defects due to rough handling (including accidents, misuse and willful overloading), as well as defects or damage caused by improper use or misuse of the product. No unauthorized additions or conversions or other modifications may have been made to the item and the assembly must have been carried out in accordance with the respective assembly instructions.

The rolly toys 3-year manufacturer's guarantee is limited to the use of the rolly toys product by private end users. Commercial use (e.g. vehicle rental, indoor playgrounds, promotions, etc.) and the use of the rolly toys products in public facilities (e.g. kindergartens, etc.) are not included.

Your statutory warranty rights under the applicable law and your claims against the seller of the product are neither excluded nor limited by the limited rolly toys 3-year manufacturer's guarantee.

The liability of rolly toys is limited to the purchase price of the product.
Completely independent of this guarantee and of whether the prescribed guarantee is claimed or not in the case of a guarantee, the statutory guarantee rights against the seller exist without restriction.

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